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Supervising PhD students is, to me, one of the real perks of this job. I am fortunate to work (and have worked) with some very talented PhD students. Below, you find a little bit of information on each of them (in reverse chronological order).

  • Ming Li (expected to graduate in 2020)
    • Ming has a research master from Maastricht University. She is supervised by Pierre Mohnen (Maastricht University) and myself, and works on skill-biased technical change, with an emphasis on developing countries.
  • Runliang Li (graduated in 2018)
    • Runlian has a research master from Maastricht University. He was supervised by Mark Sanders (Utrecht University) and myself, and works on the impact of natural disasters and climate change on the financial sector. He is currently and assistant professor at the Institute for Economic and Social Research Ji’nan University.
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  • Hang Sun (graduated in 2017)
    • Hang has master degree from Wuhan University. He works on commodities, in particular the financial economics of oil. His PhD was sponsored by the Chinese Scholarship Council. He is currently an Associate Professor in finance at Research Center for Commodity Markets and Behaviors, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE), China.
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  • Omar Hassib (graduated in 2016)
    • Omar has a research master from Tilburg University. He worked on the financialization of commodity markets and the effects of commodity future market changes on commodity prices.
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  • Gaby Contreras (graduated in 2016)
    • Gaby has a research master from Utrecht University. She worked on dynamic networks of financial institutions. She is currently an assistant professor at Radboud University Nijmegen.
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  • Matteo Millone (graduated in 2015)
    • Matteo was a PhD in Banking and Finance since September 2010. He has a multidisciplinary background in Economics, Law and Political Science. His work is focused on the interaction between social and financial performance at the level of both institutions and investors.  At the moment he is working on benchmarking the performance of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs). He is also collaborating with Microfinance investment funds to assess the level of interest rates charged by MFIs.
    • academic page, ECCE page.
  • Martien Lamers (graduated in 2014)
    • Martien was a PhD student at the University of Gent. Martien works on extreme events, focusing on the impact of terrorism on stock prices, insider trading in betting markets, on financial stability and optimal bank size. He is now a tenure track assistant professor at Groningen University.
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  • Lu Zhang (graduated in 2013)
    • Claire Economidou, Clemens Kool and I supervised Lu’s PhD thesis. Lu received a Mosaic grant from the Netherlands Science Foundation (NWO). She has a research master degree at Utrecht School of Economics. Her PhD topic is the relationship between the openness and integration of countries and their industrial structure. Lu is currently a post-doc at Utrecht University.
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  •  Manos Sfakianakis (graduated in 2011)
    • Bertrand Candelon and I supervised Manos’ PhD thesis. Manos’ principal area of interest concerns the effect of government guarantees as contingent liabilities arising from Public–Private Partnerships (PPPs), on debt sustainability. He works at the The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) in Paris.
  • Ryan van Lamoen (graduated in 2011)
    • Clemens Kool and I supervised Ryan’s thesis. Ryan’s work focuses on the relationship between competition and innovation. In light of this topic, Ryan’s current work includes a paper on innovation in banking, the effect of scale economies on competition and innovation, and competition over the industry life cycle. He works at The Netherlands Central Bank.
  • Michael Koetter (graduated in 2005)
    • Clemens Kool and I supervised Michael’s PhD thesis, which was entitled “Efficiency and Mergers in German Banking.” Michael’s thesis takes a look at a very topical subject: the consolidation that has taken and is currently taking place in banking markets. In particular, Michael looked at the efficiency effects of this consolidation. Michael is currently a professor at the University of Halle. He had a Veni grant from the Netherlands Science Foundation (NWO) and continues to work on banking, financial fragility and growth.
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