Course literature

Below, you find the course literature. Whenever possible, I include the literature with active links. Note however, that you (or your library) need to have a subscription to journal articles in order to access them.

Each week, you are expected to read the articles listed for that week. Reading an article means carefully going through the article, check if you can (re)do any derivations, and make sure you understand the econometrics involved. If a paper is still a mimeo, you can email me to request it.

Bank productivity and efficiency


In this session, we discuss the measurement of the productivity and efficiency of banks.


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  • Bos, J.W.B., M. Koetter, J.W. Kolari, C.J.M. Kool (2009), “Effects of heterogeneity on bank efficiency scores,” European Journal of Operational Research, 195, 251-261.
  • Bos, J.W.B., J.W. Kolari (2005), “Large Bank Efficiency in Europe and the United States: Are There Economic Motivations for Geographic Expansion in Financial Services?,” Journal of Business, vol. 78(4), pages 1555-1592, July.
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  • Greene, W. H. (2003), Econometric analysis (Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River NJ), Chapters 7 and 8.


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